Hellyer Ore Deposit, Tasmania, Australia

... when UTEM became readily available in Australia in 1983...

the northern two-thirds of the andesite unit in the Hellyer-Que River area was surveyed with UTEM. On the entire grid (over 100 line-kms) the only moderately-strong response was on the northern-most line surveyed (10300N). The anomaly was quickly recognised to be as strong as the one over Que River. The UTEM survey was immediately extended another 400m to the northern extent of the outcropping volcanics. Detailed UTEM work in this area defined a deep, moderately conductive body. In combination with other factors this made for a very high-priority target, which management thought merited three drill holes. The first of these holes intersected 24m of base metal mineralisation - the discovery of the Hellyer ore body.


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