Borehole UTEM (BHUTEM 4)

The BHUTEM 4 system is a three-component down-hole EM system from Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. BHUTEM 4 features the ability to do three-component oriented down-hole UTEM measurements from up to three transmitter loops - coupling angles - simultaneously. Three components from up to three different coupling angles - up to 9 different oriented components - in a single pass.

The orientation of the 3-Component BHUTEM 4 EM sensor is determined by the combined use of three-component magnetometer and accelerometer (temperature-compensated) sensors. The digital data are pre-processed down the hole, compressed and transmitted to the surface by means of a single fibre optical link at a rate of 100k samples simultaneously for each component. Magnetometer data, accelerometer-based tilt sensor data, temperature and system monitoring data are multiplexed with the three-component EM data.

BHUTEM 4 is the current BoreHole UTEM system.

BHUTEM4 Brochure.pdf