Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. offers deep exploration surveys and interpretation software.

More specifically, the surveys we offer are as follows:

  • UTEM 5 (surface)    3-component multiple transmitter survey optimized for deep targets
  • UTEM 3 (surface)    single-component single transmitter survey optimized for rapid coverage
  • UTEM 4 (borehole)  3-component single transmitter survey optimized for drillhole targets

The UTEM 3 surface survey can also be configured as an Inductive Source Resistivity (ISR) survey, which provides a depth section sensitive to changes in conductive and resistive alteration.

Finally, we develop software to aid us in the processing and interpretation of EM data. Of this, our Multiloop series is an important tool in understanding the electromagnetic response of conductive shapes and to aid in the forward modelling of EM responses collected in the field .

Multiloop has been an important tool since it was first developed in 1993 and has recently been updated for use in modern web browsers using javascript libraries such as d3.js and three.js.