Bridge Zone TBN - Thunder Bay North Project - Ni-Cu-PGM - ISR

... ISR across the Current Lake Intrusive Complex - Ni-Cu-PGM

A UTEM Inductive Source Resistivity (ISR) test was carried out in early October 2010 over the Bridge Zone of the Thunder Bay North Project (TBN) of Panoramic Resources Ltd. (ASX:PAN). The survey was carried out to showcase the capabilities of ISR and as a test of the ISR method as an exploration tool in the detection of the magma conduit system of the Current Lake Intrusive Complex. The magma conduit system hosts platinum-palladium-copper-nickel (rhodium-gold-silver-cobalt) mineralization.

Both the ISR results and the E-field profiles successfully outline the depth-to-top and the lateral extent of the Current Lake Intrusive Complex.

Thunder Bay North ISR.pdf