Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. has developed several software tools and utilities for data interpretation applications. MultiloopGL is the current standard application for solving EM models, with its universal system geometry and waveform compatibility and user-friendly environment. Lamontagne's team of geophysicists can model the quasi-static response of virtually any sheet, with any surface resistance function.

Lamontagne also employs Pebble for gridding and exporting shapes to MultiloopGL. Pebble is a versatile 3D-gridding program that is compatible with a vast range of geometries. It also features mesh-editing functionality through an easy-to-use set of interfacing tools and keyboard commands.

MGEM - MultiGrid EM - is powered by a full-volume multi-grid finite-difference solver

and is capable of modelling geological settings common in mineral exploration including conductivity contrasts of 1:10 000 000. MGEM generates generates a finely-meshed grid nested in progressively larger-volume coarser grids. Finer geological details can be modelled over areas of interest and larger/regional electrical structures can be incorporated in the coarser grids.

Finally, the most important element of Lamontagne's interpretation services is the expertise. Over 30 years of experience supports our knowledgable team of geophysicists, and the level of our success shows in our Successes.

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