Lamontagne's UTEM5 system collects 3-component EM data from up to three transmitter loops - three coupling angles - simultaneously. This translates to superior target definition and improved detection of all targets. In addition:

  • UTEM5 precision is at least an order of magnitude better than the UTEM3 surface system
  • UTEM5 surface equipment has a greater advantage at low frequency ( <4 Hz)
  • UTEM5 channels are spaced in a binary, geometric progression across each half cycle of the received waveform - giving just over 3 channels per decade
  • UTEM5 rejection of non-survey frequencies including powerline noise is far superior to previous UTEM systems

More information on the UTEM5 system, as presented at Exploration 2017:




For more information on the UTEM5 system, please view our UTEM5 Brochure

UTEM5 Brochure.pdf