HTML5 Visualizer and Engine API

MultiloopGL is a front end visualizer and a powerful solving engine that can communicate with third party environments to produce and solve 'EM friendly' meshes.

The visualizer is an HTML5 program that uses javascript libraries such as three.js and d3.js, allowing you to query the Multiloop Engine directly from your web browser. Through the use of a protractor tool, models can be intuitively built by dragging and rotating meshes about reference points. To run the visualizer here and now, visit our webtools portal.

The engine solves a scattered field response or builds an EM friendly mesh by parsing a json-formatted multiloop control file. This control file can be assembled by the visualizer for processing, or you can build your own. Once uploaded to our server, the engine reads the model parameters and returns a scattered field response. Example files for the Multiloop Engine can be accessed on the multiloop engine page.

MlpX with multiple lines

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