User-Friendly Interface

The Multiloop II interface makes the iterative refinement of a model as painless as possible. The modelling problem is defined by modelling objects of different types: conductors, transmitter-receiver geometry, simulated survey lines, waveform, sampling, 3-D view, or field data lines. To access the set of parameter of a given object, simply double click on it or its icon to bring up the relevent dialog box. Multiloop II keeps track of what has been modified and does only the necessary recomputations.

Compare up to 50 modelling situations each in its own window. Move around any model scene with convenient dragging, zooming and 3-D viewing tools. The modelling objects with all their attributes can be cut, copied and pasted from window to window. Smart labels can be used to update the posted value of of any model parameter. Add title blocks, annotations, and captions to produce a report ready illustration using Multiloop IIÕs built-in Macintosh standard text and drawing tools.