Multiloop III - Pebble Meshing Software

Pebble is the companion gridding program to Multiloop III. Pebble allows numerous diverse shapes to be gridded and then exported as files for use by Multiloop III.

Pebble works by defining surfaces as polynomial equations in 3-dimensions. Points are then located on the surfaces to form a mesh. Correct meshing is important if the solution is to be accurate. For example, locating large mesh elements beside small mesh elements can cause numerical problems in any numerical method. Pebble meshes tend to be optimal for electromagentic scattering calculations.

Pebble can make meshes with a variety of geometries. These include bent sheets, sheets with holes, closed shells, meshes that form T-junctions and various combinations of the above.

Once a mesh is built, Pebble has functions so a mesh can be edited and its shape changed. This is done wih a set of interactive editing tools and keyboard commands.